restaurant bar
18:00 TO 01:00


steak tartare with creamy egg yolk, spicy tomatoe relish and brioche €13.50

goat cheese with red beets, Pomelo and buckwheat crumble €8.00

wild boar rillette with red wine and prune gelée, stem cabbage, ginger and homemade beer bread €9.50

bacalao with artichoke cream, lemon mayonnaise and radish €10.00

pink radicchio salad with balsamico sage vinaigrette, pumpkin, citroné and sunflower seeds €6.50


claer oxtail soup with raviolo €6.50

Chestnut soup with apples and horse radish €6.00

Side order

mixed salad with french dressing €4.50

house baked brioche €2.50

potatoes à la boulangère €4.50

sautéed vegetabled €7.00

main course

onion tarte with cheese cream and pickled cauliflower €14.00

homemade gnocchi with truffle €16.00

tender loin or rib eye with potatoes à la boulangère and sauce béarnaise €29.00

wiener schnitzel (veal) with potatoe- und cucumber salad €22.00

pink duck breast with parsnip cream, fig jus and orange-amaranth soufflé €22.00

braised lamb with yellow rutabaga cream, glazed stem cabbage and puntarelle €18.00

red catfish with fennel cream, beluga lentil purree, pickled root vegetables and chorizo crumble €21.00


gâteau au chocolat with salted caramel and black sesame ice cream €9.00

sorbet et champagne €7.00

passionfruit crème brûlée with rosemary honey ice cream €9.50

meringue with lime cream, mascarpone and blackberry sorbet €8.00

cheese platter with quince mostarda and öfferl bread €12.50

couvert €2.50
Our kitchen closes at 22:30